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Bill Cipher might have a brother named Tad Strange! UPDATE BELOW. CLICK SHOW MORE. Here's a quick update. http://oliviasblogisawesome.tumblr.com/post/1165257.. Gravity Falls: Bill Cipher's Brother ʙɪʟʟ ᴄɪᴘʜᴇʀ{-ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ ᴀɴɢᴇʟ-} Bill Cipher Alternate Moments & Scrapped Storylines Explained! - Duration: 18:16. The Roundtable. Read Bill Cipher part 1 from the story The Three Cipher Brother's by WillCipher18 (Willam Cipher) with 4,208 reads. willdip, ships, gisifica. Hello guys this i.. Brothers- The Origin of Bill Cipher Chapter 1: Prologue, a Phineas and Ferb + Gravity Falls Crossover fanfic | FanFiction Bill had never died before, so he didn't know what to expect. All he could say was that it was boring. There was just nothing to do as he floated in an empty black void, darkness surrounding him on all sides Each Cipher brothers perspective of life....Will cipher...Bill cipher... and last but not least kill cipher....hope you like. OMG GUYS CHECK MY RANKINGS IM SO PROUD!!!!! Guys warning everyone now there might be sumt and there is self harm!!! So if you dont like those things then read this or dont...if you do read it just skip the sumt part

Bill Cipher war ein Traumdämon mit einer dreieckigen Form, welcher aus der Gedankenwelt stammt, der sich Zugang zu unserer Welt gewünscht hat. Seitdem er vor über dreißig Jahren von Ford Pines in die echte Welt gerufen wurde, versucht er seine Dimension mit unserer zu verbinden Bill Cipher was a triangular dream demon, formerly existent only in the mindscape before succeeding in gaining access to the real world. He had been running amok in Gravity Falls, Oregon since being summoned by Stanford Pines over thirty years ago, and was also known for his mysterious demeanor and sadistic humor. Bill is the main antagonist of Gravity Falls, although he doesn't play a central. To defeat Bill in the series finale, Stan sacrifices his memory, but regains it after seeing Mabel's scrapbook. He has been going by the name Stanford Pines, the name of his twin brother, and his real name is Stanley. He is based on Alex Hirsch's grandfather Stan

[edit sorry] someone in the comments told me who this belonged to and I am now well aware who made this! Here is a link to the original https://youtu.be/vq5s.. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art William Cipher is also sometimes referred to as Bill's twin brother, cousin, or relative, rather than his counterpart. In some stories, William's full name is William Rehpic, the literal reversal of Bill Cipher's last name. William also has many nicknames. Some from the Gleeful Twins, Pacifica, or fans themselves

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube Y/n, who was sixteen, lived with her twenty year old brother, Bill. Of course, he was immature, crazy, insane, childish, but Y/n could be those things too. + We got off track, Y/n jumped over the railing of the stairs and landed in front of her snickering brother Bill Cipher ist ein vierdimensionales Wesen aus purer Energie und der Hauptschurke in der Disney-Sendung Willkommen in Gravity Falls. 1 Biografie 1.1 Kurze Beschreibung 1.2 Bills Einmische in der Menschheit 1.3 Ford Pines 1.4 Bills Job 1.5 Bills Ausraster 1.6 Bills Rückher 1.7 Dippers Körper, Dippers Schwachstellen 1.8 Seltsammageddon 1.9 Die Absperrung 2 Auftreten 3 Fähigkeiten 4 Schwäche.

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  1. al and not quite human casino owner, is struggling to pay his loans or lose his head. There wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for a certain orphan by the name of Dipper Pines to run a cross through his plans. The situation turns when Bill finds out Dipper is actually capable of powerful magic and worth a ton of cash
  2. ate objects began to talk, which is something that Bill has the ability to do. And during the end of the dream, Spongebob's house began to be set on fire which is Bill's signature abilty. But.
  3. Bill Cipher's Son Fanfiction. Bill wanted someone to care for and share his knowledge with, just between the two of them. But Bill never wanted a lover, being a demon was an advantage because they were a mix of both genders. Then when it's almost time for the baby to come, Stanf... #alternateuniverses #billcipher #child #deals #demons #dipper #family #fez #glasses #gravityfalls #mable #pines #.
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Birthday bday christmas thanksgiving Halloween gifts for kids, mom, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter, boys, girls, friend, fan who play, practice, train, compete coach game like hockey football volleyball basketball rugby soccer baseball cricket. Humor funny retro distressed Eat Sleep Legend Repeat Gift for players and athletes. Wear on internship, training, festival, convention, group club. [Gravity Falls] Bill Cipher has a twin brother, and Gideon Gleeful's five-point star symbol represents him. Close. 107. Posted by. Moderator of r/FanTheories. 4 years ago. Archived [Gravity Falls] Bill Cipher has a twin brother, and Gideon Gleeful's five-point star symbol represents him. Previous fan video(s) on the theory: The Star Demon - Secrets & Theories This theory has been proposed. Bill Cipher is the main antagonist of the Disney XD series Gravity Falls. He is the overarching antagonist of the first season and the main antagonist of the second season. He is an immensely powerful dream demon from the Second Dimension who means to bring about the end of the world by opening a rift between his Nightmare Realm and the real world. He is the archenemy of Dipper and Stanford.

Throughout Bill's Ciphers section, there is code which says: In Myths it is said that Xolotl once turned into an axolotl for not being killed by his own twin brother, Quetzalcoatl. Unluckily, he was trapped in the sea he jumped and ended up forever being in this cage. But also Bill Cipher could be this god as well. Xolotl and Bill have many things in common: both want the apocalypse of. Bill Cipher is the main antagonist of Gravity Falls. He is a Dream-Demon with mysterious motives and seems to have a vendetta against the Pines family, especially his old rival Stanford Pines. 1 Background 1.1 Sightings 1.2 Physical appearance 1.3 Personality 1.4 Abilities 2 Role in the series 3 Gallery 4 Trivia 5 External links Bill is an ancient demon who's older than the galaxy and far. Bill was a happy child when he was born or created. No one knows how he came to be. He had a twin brother who is the EXACT opposite of him-- Will Cipher. I will explain Will Cipher in a minute. Bill was always so mischievous as a child which never changed it seemed to worsen over time since he and his brother were polar opposites. Bill would want to terrorize someone but Will would always.

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  1. Alexander Alex Robert Hirsch (born June 18, 1985) (3 days after Stan's Birthday) is the creator and was the executive producer of the American animated television series, Gravity Falls. He voiced two of the main characters in the popular Disney show, Grunkle Stan and Soos. He also voiced supporting and recurring characters such as Old Man McGucket, Bill Cipher, the gnomes, and many others.
  2. ates a nearly two-week global internet scavenger hunt—and the first seeds of which were planted even earlier.Hirsch launched.
  3. Because Bill just wanted to protect his brother from the war in his dimension. Everything goes great. But what happens when Dipper finds out he isn't as human as he thought? And Bill comes to claim his brother? I do not own Gravity Falls. Alex Hirsch does. I also do not own the art on the cover
  4. The Sibling Brothers by Jenkins W. Jenkins is a series of mystery novels. 1 History 1.1 Season 1 1.2 Season 2 2 Books in the series 3 Sightings 3.1 Season 1 3.2 Season 2 4 Trivia 5 References 6 Site navigation Stan and Ford Pines read the series when they were kids. 1 Dipper is shown reading and enjoying The Case of the Caper-Case Caper during a flashback in Carpet Diem, in which his loud.
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Brothers- The Origin of Bill Cipher Chapter 1: Prologue, a

Does bill cipher like you? Puppyshot. 1. 10. Me- Hey guys! Its puppy here! (Short for Puppyshot) I'm here to welcome you to gravity falls! Dipper- hey. Mabel- hey bestie! Me- everyone will be here soon, until then. Let's start!. I think Bill Cipher is a child. a lot of his mannerisms are childlike, the tantrums and his tendency to think he knows everything. In his AMA someone asked him Any family? and Bill replied NOT ANYMORE perhaps his parents did something that angered him and he ran away from home. I wouldn't be surprised if Bill gets defeated because his parents come out of the Nightmare Realm and put him on. Bill Cipher's Son Fanfiction. Bill wanted someone to care for and share his knowledge with, just between the two of them. But Bill never wanted a lover, being a demon was an advantage because they were a mix of both genders. Then when it's almost time for the baby to come, Stanf... #alternateuniverses #billcipher #child #deals #demons #dipper #family #fez #glasses #gravityfalls #mable #pines #.

Bill Cipher was kicked out of the Mindscape and forced to walk among the Human scum until he eventually fades from existence, but Bill has other plans. He wants to make his family pay but when he encounters Dipper Pines, everything is setback as the influences from the human realm start to take effect on him and his emotions, and everything that Bill did comes back to bite him in the ass Bill Cipher, their age-old adversary, had paid her a visit. What could he possibly want after all this time? Why did he show her the old laboratory? Mabel glanced at her clock. 5:53 AM. Friggin Bill Cipher. Couldn't he wait another few hours? Since dreaming was the last thing she wanted to do, she flipped off her sheets and crawled out of bed. A drafty breeze cut through her and she curled up.

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Bill Cipher was an anomaly, one that was a cause for headaches to the rest of nobility. From his eccentric nature to rumors of strange experiments, most wanted nothing to do with him and likewise he felt similarly. Unfortunately for them, and himself, that was going to change soon enough after coming into possession of a captivating and nearly broken brunet. What he'd choose to do was anyone's. User blog:Mooimimi/Bill Cipher IS NOT THE CHARACTER'S REAL NAME!!! And here's why: | Gravity Falls Wiki | Fando Cipher brothers Cupcakes! + Pinetree cause why not. 51. 16. William Cipher . 40. 0. Why Bill is my second favorite character . 37. 0. Mr. Ford Will See You Now. 46. 2. Lover Boy . 44. 0. William Cipher . 16. 2. Share to. Copied ; Likes (469) Comments (66) Copied; Likes (469) Like 469. Comments (66) kill_cipher_flamin_dorito. He also has cool ranch as a nickname. Read more . 0 Reply October 01. Browse through and take bill cipher quizzes. No matter what, you will get Dipper as a lover. Which Dipper it is, I don't really know Ever since Weirdmaggedon, Bill Cipher has lost half of his abilities, and until he sees the perfect reason other than himself, he won't be getting his full power back. Until then he decides to hang around with Dipper and Mabel. Runaway (y/n) (l/n) escapes thanks to her mother, from her abusive f... Add to library Discussion 1. This Quiz Is 100% Impossible. 4 hours ago Bill Cipher . Just For.

As long as she maintained an invisible life she wouldn't be turned into her dictator of a brother. However, with the defeat of Bill Cipher she finally feels comfortable enough to break out of her shell. To live her life without that constant fear of being found is joyous news. To bad her sense of security afterwards was all a lie. Series. Part 1 of The Lost Get Found; Language: English Words. Ever since Weirdmaggedon, Bill Cipher has lost half of his abilities, and until he sees the perfect reason other than himself, he won't be getting his full power back. Until then he decides to hang around with Dipper and Mabel. Runaway (y/n) (l/n) escapes thanks to her mother, from her abusive f... Add to library 2 Discussion 9. Gravity falls-the third author. 12 hours ago Zoroark . Adventure. Jan 9, 2019 - This includes Will and Kill. See more ideas about bill cipher, gravity falls bill, gravity falls

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my theory about bills brother. when i saw the last episode of gravity falls stanford or stanley (i cant really remember who found it) detected some source of weirdness from the pacific ocean but bill cipher was already dead so it obviously not him but his dimension was burning and some of his Friends were still alive somehow so bills BROTHER probably got out and knew bill couldn't see him so. Bill Cipher: (possessing Lincoln) Am I okay? Oh, Blondie. (turns around towards Leni) You can't even imagine how great I feel right now. Leni: (relieved) Oh thank goodness. Lincoln, what are you doing out here so late at night? Billincoln: Oh you know, I just thought it looks like a nice night to go for a stroll in the park. Leni: But I heard you scream. Billincoln: That? It was just so.

Bill could be talking about how they kept on destroying his hard work to make time (or something like that) to rearrange time to work on the project again so Lucy could hang with Rusty's younger brother. (Basically they destroyed his work only to help Lucy and in the very end the very broken project got destroyed.) That's what Bill is maybe talking about. I'm guessin 2017. 6. 16 - Pinterest에서 Serena님의 보드 Bill cipher을(를) 팔로우하세요. 디즈니, 만화 눈 그리기, 눈 스케치에 관한 아이디어를 더 확인해 보세요 Bill Cipher is released and retained of his magic abilities, and he will only be completely freed when he is reformed and promises to use his powers for good. But it's easier said than done when Bill has to live with his worst enemy: The Pines family. Fortunately, though, not all hope is lost when another Pines named Evelyn comes to town. Gravity Falls - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Hurt. Bill, Dipper and Ford have to be among my favorite characters in the show! This story will have Bipper, billdip, billford. (Dipper and Ford connection) possession, insanity and maybe some bazaar stuff happening that may make no sense but what the hell this is bill mother fucking cipher we're talking about. I'm a master at writing the insane.

Bill's lost brother: Tad Strange the Tangram | Gravity

Bill cipher (Gast, ID: 59442) vor 150 Tagen flag. Boar das war echt lang ,XD +_+ York Rephic (Gast, ID: 94083) vor 544 Tagen flag @Night Wing 1412 les dir erstmal die Antworten der ersten Frage durch und beschwer dich dann xD Da steht 'Die Realität ist ein Hologramm, das Universum ist eine Illusion, Kauf Gold, Und tschüss!' Night Wing 1412 (Gast, ID: 97598) vor 565 Tagen flag. Also wenn ich. Bill Cipher might have a brother named Tad Strange! UPDATE BELOW. CLICK SHOW MORE. Here's a quick update. Bill had a family at one point, what happened to them? Who were they? IS HE ACTUALLY SHERMI PINES!? Why am I asking you all these questions? This is a little video I put together of the best of Tad Strange from Gravity Falls. Hope you enjoy. Facebook - Twitter I want to believe. Abone. There's the way where Bill Cipher has possessed Sans or the way that it is a normal AU where Bill is Sans in the first place. This AU is not a really well known AU. This version of Sans has the powers of Bill Cipher. He is incredibly strong compared to any other Sans. His brother is known as Will!Papyrus which is Reverse Bill!Sans and is the only other person in his AU

Bill Cipher's (again voiced by creator Alex Hirsch) presence in the series fills the story with ominous and dangerous vibes amongst all the mysteries and cryptograms. Bill's an evil mastermind who is bent on creating chaos in the world. RELATED: Gravity Falls: 10 Best Scenes That Break The Fourth Wal Bill Cipher's downfall. It's the endgame and the initial plan to stop the evil dimensional being, Bill Cipher, has failed with only Dipper, Mabel, Stan, and Ford left standing against him. Bill looks to have won, but some last minute thinking ultimately ruins his plans and, in the end, even a godlike being can be backed into a corner and left. Because Bill Cipher is based on Stanley; his brother, being the basis for Bill, is now always in the forefront of his mind. When Stan arrives, Stanford tells him, very vaguely, to get as far away from him as possible. After all, if he knew where Stan was going, Bill would know too. (This is exactly like the scene in Fight Club where the narrator tells Martha to get on a bus and get as far. Bill Cipher is a dream demon character who acts as a major antagonist in Disney series Gravity Falls. Since his debut appearance in the first season finale episode Dreamscapers, the character has become one of the show's most popular characters. Orgin. Bill (voiced by Alex Hirsch) made his first appearance in the first season finale episode Dreamscapers, which aired on July 12th, 2013. In. Bill Cipher is a triangular dream demon who exists in the Mind/Dreamscape. He is the true antagonist of the Disney XD show, Gravity Falls, secretly being responsible for many of the most important events of and leading up to the show. Years ago, B..

  1. Bill Cipher as a D&D 5e / 3.5 Character. Close. 1. Posted by 4 years ago. Archived. Bill Cipher as a D&D 5e / 3.5 Character . Hey All, I was hoping some D&d buffs in here might be able to help think up a build for a Character to essentially be Bill. (make deals, screw people over...Cause a weirdmaggedon only to be stopped by 2 12/13 year old kids and their Grunkles) Any and all help would be.
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  3. Gravity Falls is full of secrets. What mysteries will you solve
  4. BILL'S PARENTS BILL BROTHERS: WILL, HILL(KILL), PHILL, GIL, MILL, QUILL. SISTERS: TRILL, LILLY, JILL, SAPPHIRE. NIECE: BELLA (FROM WILL AND ALSO IS ME) OTHER: FEM BILL CIPHER . bill cipher edit: i removed bill cipher-6 bc he tried to kill me like....7 times? Cipher FAMILY ( 11 Followers ) Projects ( 9) Comments ( 31) Curators; Activity; About. About Scratch; For Parent
  5. d at will. But that was then, and this is now. Now, he's a fleshy, vulnerable being limited by the laws of the physical world. He could be incapacitated. He had known that conceptually but it was something different to be faced with the reality. When he had told Dipper he could be taken care of if he caused trouble.
  6. dscape before succeeding in gaining access to the real world. He has been running amok in Gravity Falls, Oregon since being summoned by Stanford Pines over thirty years ago, and is also known for his mysterious demeanor and sadistic humor. Bill is the main antagonist of Gravity Falls, although he doesn't play a central.

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  1. d tricks he used to pull. But to hide his power, he disguises and.
  2. [9:20:46 PM] BILL CIPHER: horses [9:21:16 PM] BILL CIPHER: horses will break it too [9:21:46 PM] BILL CIPHER: don't put ur horse in the microwave [9:24:22 PM] BILL CIPHER: or else [9:24:27 PM] BILL CIPHER: horsestuck bill cipher/skype. bill no @jenna-is-smol @ch0p5t1ck5 (via.
  3. Bill Cipher may be a powerful dream demon, but he was outsmarted easily. Bill Cipher is able to over power most humans, but thanos is no human. He is a member of a species called a Celestial.
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Also my brother! Yay! Gallery. Bill Cipher's Unbelievable Space Facts! [Cover] deCIPHER. Insanity [McGucket/Bill Cipher Rap] Share to. Copied; Likes (28) Comments (24) Copied; Likes (28). well, well, well! hey there, trope explorer! the name's bill cipher!you kids might know me from a certain popular show called gravity falls.if not, let me give you a rundown! oh, no, no, i insist!luckily for you, you over-indulgent antisocial troll, i'm not accepting offerings at this time as i bestow unholy knowledge Actually it was Stan and his brother Ford who defeated Bill Cipher, Not Dipper and Mabel. The times Bill was defeated by Dipper and Mabel was because he purposely let them live since he knew they'd come in handy for his coming (which turned out to be true: Mabel ended up being the one to ultimately help him with his goals), and the second time Dipper's body was too weak/fatigued to properly. bill cipher has a gun LOL by bill2cipher; LOOK ITS BILL CIPHER by bill2cipher; IDK WHAT THIS IS OK by bill2cipher; A DELATED SECEN FROM GRAVITY FALLS by bill2cipher; BILL CIPHER RETRNS by bill2cipher; HEY BROTHER SONG by bill2cipher; pico's adventure 1 by bill2cipher; BILL CIPHER by bill2cipher; Untitled remix by bill2ciphe or there's a third freaking brother somewhere in the picture. There are a lot more questions that he answered, but the list is too long to put here. If you want to read the rest of them, they're posted on my Tumblr page below. AMA Questions 1 AMA Questions 2 AMA Questions 3 I want to hear what you think about all this! Comments are open for discussions about this new info! Just remember to be.

I'm Bill! And I have 2 brothers named Kill and Will. My favorite thing to do is to be annoying but sometimes it's really hard. BTW my brother Kill is typing this because I'm only 2 years old and he is 16. Age: 2. Likes: being annoying, scaring. Dislikes: Being called cute. Personality: energetic and a true demon :smiling_imp Bill Cipher is a fictional character, and this is a prank, so don't worry that you will be hacked. Paddle2See wrote: Zro716 wrote: I'm pretty sure it's just a prankMost likely. Anybody can load up a picture from the internet and claim to have been taken over by somebody else. When people really lose an account, they let us know about it some how (the Contact Us link is good for this). That.

YOU! ARE! BILL CIPHER'S BROTHER!!! by BrenTheNewFan2020 on

Bill Cipher first appears in the first season episode Dreamscaperers when he is summoned by the vengeful Gideon Gleeful. L'il Gideon looks up Bill in the No.2 Journal he has in his possession and performs the incantation needed to summon the wily demon. Gideon is determined to steal the Mystery Shack away from Stanley Pines (who at the time had taken his missing brother's name) and he. See more of Bill And Will The Cipher Brothers Fans / Glore on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Community See All. 269 people like this. 273 people follow this. About See All. Fictional Character. Page Transparency See More. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post. Jan 5, 2016 - remember, reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!. See more ideas about Bill cipher, Gravity falls, Gravity falls bill

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BILL CIPHER. 2,094 likes · 1 talking about this. I BITCH ABOUT RANDOM STUFF AND SHARE MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS Reverse Bill Cipher - Will Cipher. 310 likes. When there's no cops around , Gravity Falls is legal ! 30/7/2015 Giơ tay nếu bạn là fan của WillCipher !!!!! Không giơ tay là ad đây cắn đấy nhá !!!! Bill Cipher Quotes - Top 10 Best - Gravity Falls Quotes. It's funny how dumb you are. No amount of gold on earth can buy originality. But know this! A darkness approaches! A day will come in the future when everything you care about will change! Until then I'll be watching you. I'll be Watching youu ! Reality is an illusion. The universe is a hologram. Pain is hilarious! Despair is. *laughs in bill cipher* Show More Comments. Flip Settings. memes. gifs. other. Caption this Meme. Created with the Imgflip Meme Generator. IMAGE DESCRIPTION: ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY... PUSH MY BROTHER INTO A PORTAL . hotkeys: D = random, W = upvote, S = downvote, A = back. Imgflip Pro GIF Maker Meme Generator Blank Meme Templates User Meme Templates GIF Templates Chart Maker Demotivational Maker. Bill's diet is lacto-ovo vegetarian, which means he eats eggs and dairy products. Pearls mentions the benefits of vegetarian bodybuilding in his book Getting Stronger: Weight Training for Sports, published in 2005. Family. Harold Frank Pearl Father (b. 1903) Mildred Elizabeth Pasley Mother (b. 1905) Fontelle Pearl Daughter Eldest sibling: Harold Pearl Son Middle sibling: Bill Pearl Son (b.

Human Bill Cipher by Jack-a-LynnGravity Falls: Bill Cipher Sees ALL AnalysisReverse bill | Reverse gravity falls, Gravity falls billTano's Art Blog • “I just met you, but I just feel like I

May 5, 2020 - Explore Bella the killer's board kill cipher on Pinterest. See more ideas about Gravity falls bill, Gravity falls au, Gravity falls Bill And Will The Cipher Brothers Fans / Glore. Fictional Character. Bill Cipher Irônico. Public Figure. Cornelius Calpurnicus Fajita Stir-fry Deluxe. Politician. El Blog De Will Cipher. Album. Captain Cosplay. Public Figure. Bang Photography. Photographer. Miss Dixie Cosplays. Blogger. Ruina no kuro no hi. Book Series. Josefine's Fine Cosplay . Public Figure. Night Cosplay. Artist. See More. Dreamscaperers is the nineteenth episode of the first season in the animated series Gravity Falls. The episode is the first of the two-part season finale, the second being Gideon Rises.It was first broadcast on July 12, 2013, on the Disney Channel.It was written by series creator Alex Hirsch, alongside Matt Chapman and Tim McKeon, and directed by Joe Pitt and John Aoshima Bill Cipher VS Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is a What If Death Battle, written by QuasimodoBellringer as his 7th episode overall. Insanity and reality warping, is a truly terrifying combination. But just which of these insane reality warpers will win a Death Battle Bill Cipher and Pine Tree spoke frequently on the phone to talk about their project. If you asked Bill, he had no idea what the project was even about. But his partner didn't seem to notice and would usually simply tell the demon what he wanted him to do bill cipher (golden surprise)(human) Geodite . Following Friends Follow Unfollow Chat . 3765. Reputation. 97. Following . 312. Followers. Bio Since Sep 2017 (3 Years 28 Days) Wall claimed. My brother. Hide Full Bio Read More . Wiki Entries (4) Journal 3 . Journal 2 . Journal 1 . Cipher Code . Posts (12) Wall (82) bill cipher (golden surprise)(human) 08/18/18. Scooter Dubs: A Comic by Chikuto.

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